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Pivovar Protivín
The exact year of foundation of Protivín brewery is not documented in writing, however it is certain that in the first half of the 16th century beer was brewed there. The first written mentions date back even to 1540. In 1711, the brewery became the property of the noble Schwarzenberg family, where it remained for more than two hundred years. The most famous beer the brewery produces is Platan (sycamore). The name was first used in 1973 for 11% pale lager. The inspiration for the name was a beautiful sycamore tree line avenue, lining the path to the brewery. Protivín brewery produces 11 kinds of beer. High-quality water from artesian wells is used for manufacture of beer. The water quality conforms to nursery water even without modification.
Pivovar Černá Hora
The first written mention of beer from Černá Hora, a picturesque small town in Blanensko, dates back to 1298, of the Černá Hora brewery in 1530, when the estate was owned by the brothers Tas and Jaroslav Černohorští from Boskovice. In addition to the Lords of Boskovic's, the brewery is historically associated in particular with a significant noble family of Liechtenstein, who managed it since 1597 and later with the family of Auersperg. Brewers of Černá Hora brewery cook 14 different beers; they use traditional methods and the finest ingredients. In addition to beer, the brewery produces 10 kinds of soft drinks and 2 mixed drinks based on beer (called Radler).
Pivovar Jihlava
The oldest written record of Jihlava malting is most likely a mention in the city book from the 14th century. The first real malting statutes were confirmed by the City Council of Jihlava in October 1579. In 1748, Maria Theresa set a finite number of legal brewing homes in Jihlava to 123. All of these 123 owners of brewing rights clearly embodied its brewing rights in 1859 into a new brewery, today's Jihlava brewery. New Jihlava brewery was opened on April 4, 1861. In the summer of 2008, Jihlava brewery, under the direction of a new owner returned to the production of beer according to original recipes and is producing several kinds of beers, including interesting specials.
Pivovar Klášter
Klášter Brewery got its name from the monastery of the Cistercian order, which was founded in the second half of the 12th century and stood on the site of today's brewery. Although at the time it was one of the most important religious objects in Europe, only a gate with a beautiful portal survived to this day, the gate stands in the courtyard of the current brewery. Klášter Brewery produces 4 types of unpasteurised beer. Their outstanding quality is determined by, among other things unmistakable natural conditions – high quality water and especially by old cellars dug deep into the rock beneath the brewery where beer is fermented and matures at optimal temperatures.
Pivovar Rychtář
Brewery in Hlinsko was founded in 1913. Originally a share brewery was nationalised in 1948, became part of Horácké breweries and later East-Bohemian breweries. Under the name RYCHTÁŘ, the first bottled beer was a 12% lager in 1981. Many investment and reconstruction activities, which have gradually changed and are still changing the appearance of the brewery and its technological equipment, allow the brewery to satisfy the continuing demand of all fans of first-class, traditionally produced beer. Rychtář Brewery produces 5 kinds of beer. As one of the few breweries in the Czech Republic, it uses hops in its natural form.
Pivovar Uherský Brod
Beer brewing in the royal town of Uherský Brod has a long tradition dating back to medieval times. The first joint brewery, which replaced the brewing houses, was built in 1614 by people of Uherský Brod. Brewery, where the beer is brewed today, was built in 1895 by Francis B. Janáček. Currently, the brewery in Uherský Brod produces 9 kinds of beers. All are brewed according to traditional recipes and characterised by a strong bitterness and fullness. Cask beers from this brewery are not pasteurised and therefore keep many health-promoting substances.
Pivovar Vysoký Chlumec
Vysoký Chlumec estate, located near Sedlčany, was for a long time home of the Czech noble Lobkowicz family. The castle, which towers above the present brewery, was bought by Lobkowicz family, in the 2nd half of the fifteenth century. The first mention of brewing on the estate dates back to 1466, the oldest surviving description of Vysoký Chlumec brewery dates back to 1611. Currently, standard production is 6 kinds of beer; many more kinds are produced occasionally. A significant part of the production is exported, mainly to Germany.